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I enjoyed reading your heartfelt story of hard times. Reminds me of my mother's stories during the depression in the U.S. when she went to school with lard sandwiches, maybe with a little sugar sprinkled on top - and that was usually it when times were bad.
Watch the punctuation (as in the word 'I' should always be capitalized.) Thanks for sharing your story!
Your story touched my heart and I thank you for sharing it with us! The young ones of today could learn so much from your examples, and how your humility is priceless. God blesses the humble, and I'm quite sure you are blessed!

I loved this. Thank you.

God bless~
Thank you for this walk back in time. I think many youths today seem to fall prey to an entitlement attitude, not appreciating the abundance before them. Times of leanness certainly helps us learn gratitude.

Your coverage of the topic was good. Would like to see you add some punctuation marks in places. A comma can make a big difference in how your readers read the sentences.

It's great to hear stories from those who were there. History has much to teach us. Keep up the good work and keep on writing!