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This is an encouraging, devotional style piece. I like the fishing pole analogy. Keep writing you're doing great.
Really great spiritual advice in this piece. Actually I see two separate devotionals you could develop from this one article. One devotional theme would be focusing on the idea of the comforter imagery, and the other theme focusing on the casting away your cares and not holding onto them as in the fishing line imagery. One devotional theme deals with recognizing our Comforter, and resting in Him, and the other would deal with letting go of our cares, casting them on Christ and not hanging onto them.
Also be very careful to check which apostle wrote what, as Peter wrote the book of Peter as stated in Peter 1:1. It wasn't written by Paul to Peter. (oops!)

Good reminder for us all. Why do we, as humans, carry worries with us? Especially if we belong to Jesus.

In the sentence after the I Peter 5:7 verse. I would have written something like this: "Peter reminds/encourages us"

I like your style and your thoughts.

Keep your heart on heaven and your eyes on the Bible.
This is a lovely devotional with strong messages. Keep writing.
This is a lovely devotion. I liked how you started with a real story that many can relate to. I like to call those special moments a I love you from Jesus. If one keeps her eyes open, it's possible to see these love notes all the time. Nice job. It
Yes, God never says we won't have cares or anxieties; just that we should cast them on Him when they come.

I love the imagery of the comforter. I wish there was more of the conversation between Jennie and Jesus rather than switching to the devotional form. The imagery was powerful -- not to say that the message wasn't powerful just the way you wrote it.

I enjoyed this piece.
Lovely peice! I liked the idea of the "comforter" being God's arms wrapped around us. Good job!