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I like this poem very much! Nice treatment of the theme. "At the end of toil, I hear distant echoes." Lovely!
I liked the short chopy rythme that came to me as I read it.

The whole day is unfolded. There was toil and yet joy; lonliness yet anticipation of a new day.

I liked what it told.
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This told a pretty significant story. Well done!

God bless~
The record of a day in the life of a busy single mother, this seems. Even how you presented the poem echos haste! Very nice.
The simple voice here is absolutely perfect for the picture being painted.
I enjoyed this piece, and hope to read more entries from you soon. Keep up the good work.
Very well-written poem. It tells a beautiful story of the end of a day in the life of a plain Serengeti mother and her children.

"After heads and pillows blend
I am a woman alone, and quiet."

Love these lines. Well done.
I enjoyed your poem and the rhythm it conveyed of a busy life. I liked your depiction of the busy end of a busy day, and finally some time to enjoy quiet while "heads and pillows blend" and the night creatures begin to stir.
Nicely done. :)
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