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Beautiful take on the topic. I like how you appreciate the views you see from "inside" the goldfish bowl. It's inspiring.
Very descriptive and lyrical piece. Make sure to capitalize the first word of a sentence unless this is part of your writing style.
Lovely visual piece. Nicely done.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing your experience...keep writing.
You did a great job, You words were very descriptive. Keep up the good work.
Amen, I think God loves diversity and He made each of us different with different abilities. Since you like to draw, perhaps you can use that talent to make your writing even better than what it already is. Consider how you could paint a picture using only words. Describe feelings with facial expression and body postures. Describe scenes from the heart and your readers will feel it and experience the story with you.

One thing we hear a lot of as writers is to "show don't tell", which I admit is not always easy. But that's what we strive for. Please keep writing! I sense some tremendous talent just waiting to be brought out and put on the page.