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This was a raw and honest approach to the topic at hand, and it touched my heart in an unexplainable way. Thank you for your candid observations of life overall. I also liked how the "pigs might fly" topic was there in a subtle way.

Nicely done. Thanks!

God bless~
I could identify with the MC in the story. Life is all about waiting!
It sounds like life is happening. We all can have these times and places.

What I have to work at and tell myself that "I am where God wants me at this particular moment in time." "I am where I am for God's pleasure and his glory." Then I have to ask myself, "What am I doing so God will be glorified."

A proper attitude will cause time to seem to fly.

Life subjects are good things to write about because everyone goes through life.

Keep writing.
Very simply said, and wrote...we could all use a lesson in patience. God Bless, and keep writing.
This is a well written entry, short and sweet, but you gave a detailed account of your MC's thoughts and feelings. I felt his frustrations as he waited to be seen by the doctor. You included a worthy message in there too, and I like the way you wrapped it all up at the end. Great job. Well done.
This is a great message. Oh how we all can relate. I've often said that it seems we spend a good part of our lives wishing it away. I wish the doctor would be on time. I wish the red light would turn green. How sad to wish away this wonderful life that God has given us. Though I had a little trouble seeing the topic, I think your message is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it's more important to write what God places on our heart. He uses us in ways we might never know. Yet I have no doubt that many will be blessed by your words.

If you haven't been to Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, I'd highly recommend it for all levels of writers. Keep writing. God bless.
You do a very good job of capturing your MC's stream of thought. I always like that when I am reading, as it helps me to know and understand a character's choices. I hope you keep writing!
Nice job for your first entry!

My main suggestion would be to make sure you tell us something new. The easy "trap" to fall into with devotionals, especially, is just to restate what we already know. Try to come up with something unique, and then, rather that just using a real life example, try to use a story as an antidote, even if it's fictional. I hope that made sense.

There are some great reminders here. Waiting is hard! :) Keep writing.
Excellent first Challenge article. Clear, concise and encouraging.
Good first entry, being in the medical field I know there is no better place to learn patience than in an ER waiting room:)