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Inspiring testimony with a creative close!

Wing His Words
Your testimony is such an inspiration - and so very well-written. I'm glad you stepped out in faith and shared. Please keep writing. :)
'Do it afraid.' An inspiring entry and I'm looking forward to reading your testimony in the book. Good use of the topic.
Using Peter as an example of a fish out of water was a great twist to the expression since his ordeal actually took place in water.

Very nicely done. I recommend your bravery & willingness to humbly step outside of your comfort zone & share your story.

Keep writing & watch God work in your life.
As an "out of the closet bi-polar manic depressive" I can entirely relate to your story. It wasn't until my physical health failed me to the point of near death that God healed me both mentally and physically. That's when I gave it completely to Him. I am not ashamed of the way God made me, but I know that "fish out of water" feeling very well.

This is excellent writing and by sharing you may have helped another person, like me. Blessings.
A powerful testimony of God's faithfulness.

In the second paragraph,you wrote "...water-waking-victory".
Did you mean to write "walking" instead of "waking?" Either way works, though.

Thanks for sharing.
I wish I had written this so succinctly. I have Fibromyalgia with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - and the causative Major Depression as a result. We are sympatico. Thank you for opening the door to bravely sharing with others our experiences, challenges and victories in and through the Christ . . .
Great testimony to share with love and boldness. Powerful last line, true for us all.

Write on!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congrats on your placing! Great job.