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This will touch many people and they will relate. It is always difficult leaving something familiar and comfortable and move on. The first day on the job, no matter the capacity, is always hard.

You make a very good point that "God will choose" those He wants. Nicely told and nicely written.

Good job.

God bless~
This is well written. One can easily empathize. A new job is always scary, for me anyway.
Three words: I like this!

For me, the first three weeks on any job were always tension filled. I applaud your positive attitude and ability to share it.

Wing His Words
I can definitely relate to the narrator's experience. He did a good job of taking us through his day, and sharing with us the anxiety and then later the calm.

Watch out for sentence fragments and run on sentences. Example: "As the reality of leaving my old job began to sink in I started to harbor thoughts of failure." This sentence needed a comma after "in" & before "I." Also, I think you meant sense instead of "since."

Overall, I enjoyed your story. Using an example from the Bible to further deliver your point provided a very strong ending. Good job.
Your title immediately relates the story to the topic. Most readers relate to the experience you aptly described and no doubt, compared notes as they read along. Well done.
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations on placing 2nd in your level and 19 overall! (the highest rankings can be found on the message boards)