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Very succinct and interesting entry. Thank you, I enjoyed it.

God bless~
Your language is very poetic and thought-provoking. Thanks so much for sharing!
Short and informative. You gave us a lot to think about. Keep writing.
Dear Friends

I admit that it must be my fault that I could have left out the last stanza/paragraph unknowingly. May include the remaining 'W' line to complete the acronym.

"Water galore that is life-giving and enriching will surely overflow from us to everybody as we endeavour to encourage and affirm members of the same family."

My apologies!

Caleb Cheong
This is really awesome and such a clever take on the topic. The poetic feel to this piece left me with a warm feeling inside. I'm so sorry that part of the piece was left out. That line is beautiful too. You may want to add it then post it in the general submissions area. Make sure you always hit preview before submit. I can't tell you how seeing it like the reader does has helped me catch tons of things I had missed before. Another thing you might want to consider is putting the first words in bold print so it stands out more. That can be done by using this
before the word and this:
after the word. If you want it in italics you do it the same way put use an i and au will underline the part for you. I like that you used FW in the story, but remember that the top ten stories overall receive the Editor's Choice and will be published in an anthology where the reader may not know what FW is. I think your message is beautiful and actually several words would fit instead of FW like our church, or our neighborhood. It could be customized for many things. I'm so glad you found FW and I like forward to reading more of your work. I hope you will soon feel like one of the family instead of a newbie or a fish out of water because you are definitely in the right place and God has great plans in store for your work!
I should have known that the symbols would turn the print bold. Here I will give them but leave spaces between each one so you can see it, but when you use it, make sure you remove the spaces: < b > < / b>