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Awww. Thank you for sharing this touching and poignant entry. I felt your pain when you wrote about your loss in 2010. We've all been there, and animals lovers can relate to the anguish one feels at their passing.

I'm so glad things worked out, and praise God for your recovery from that virus. It is so debilitating.

I thought your story was powerful and well written. Thank you.

God bless~
This is such a warm story. You draw us into the literal side of the topic, talking about a dog and his bark. Very nice.
Wow, a heart warming story.

Good job!!
A pleasant personal story of a need fueled by the sickness.

There was enough details to show the trait of the new dog. A few more words could have described his eyes, his coat and other features.

In this sentence: "I needed to find me a companion that would be with me." -- I would leave the first "me" out and just say: "find a companion..."

Good overall work.
This is a sweet story. I really believe God uses his creatures as ways to reach out to us. I'm not really a dog person, but God brought a Pomeranian into my life. Phin has worked wonders. God knew we knew each other.

While you have a knack at storytelling, you may want to brush up on your punctuation rules. You had some run on sentences, and lines like this could use some commas: After intense physical therapy, I came home on November seventeenth, the day before my birthday. A good proofreader might help with this. Also check out Jan's Writing Basics on the message board. She has a thread which helps all levels of writers. She responds to everyone who leaves a post.

You did a nice job with this story. My heart is glad that God provided a way to comfort you during such a difficult time. Your words will touch more hearts than you would imagine.
Nice article written from the heart!
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Congratulations, Deb!

Wing His Words

God Bless~