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Loved your story. Your words are inspiring and the message important.

It was a really good comment about sometimes the black sheep of the family is white.

Nicely done. God bless~
You did a lovely job of the retelling of this familiar Bible story. I think you were concise and made some great points.

There have been quite a few Jacob stories this week, but you did a nice job of filling in the little details. Be careful about little things like Bible vs bible and using commas and other punctuation. A good proofreader or a challenge buddy might help you with this. Don't hesitate to reach out to a writer and ask if they would like a challenge buddy.

You nailed the topic. Your message is one I think we can all relate to in one way or another. You did a nice job of bringing the story to life and I look forward to reading more of your work.
You've presented a nice "food for thoughts" perspective here, very interesting. It would have been nice if you had given the story of Joseph a little twist or an unfamiliar presentation instead of retelling it from the Bible. Also spacing the paragraphs makes for a easier read. You left us with a lot to think about though, you asked a lot of deep questions.
this beautiful delve into scripture shows you really think about scripture and that will add so much to your future work, which I will look for. When we are ostracized and/or judged for being different, we learn how to open our eyes wider to our oppressors, and use our power in a better manner!!1
Yes, whether we are a black sheep or a white sheep, we all need to have our sins forgiven before God. I am glad Acts 2:38 tell us how it ca take place.

A very good thought provoking article.