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This was an original and adorable entry... I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

God bless~
This is a sweet retelling of the familiar story. I could easily see it in a picture book.

My only suggestion would be to limit your explanation points for dialog. Use them sparingly and let your wonderful words do the exclaiming. You also may want to check out this thread on the message boards:

You nailed the topic and told a fun story in the process. I really liked your ending. You make some great points and would make a young reader stop and think. Good job.
This was truly a lesson, I sat in class and just absorbed it all. From the explanation of the topic to the different perspectives of the black and white sheep. I didn't quite get the question the MC asked at the beginning thou. I wasn't sure if it was a sub-title or if it was directed to Joseph himself or to the readers. Over all, it was very encouraging.
If this was as symbolic as I think it was, it was extremely profound and the forgiveness and providing help after experiences of injustice show's that despite the "woolshearing",the real sheep do hear the shepherd's voice, and that is such a challenging battle in the beginning, in my experience!!!
A nicely written story with a good question for us. Is the black sheep always the person in the prison?

Any of us can become the black sheep by knowing the right thing to do but not doing it.

You expressed it well.

It is nice to know and share that all we "black sheep" can have our sins forgiven by being baptized baptized like Acts 2:38 says.

I liked your use of Scripture.
Congratulations! God bless~