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This is a touching testimony. You do a nice job of pulling the reader in. My heart hurt for the child abandoned by his mother.

Make sure you do a good proofread. At first I thought the lowercase i was a stylistic choice, showing the MC was not important enough, but then in the end, when the MC found Jesus, I would have expected it to be capitalized. Words like Grandmother and Mom only should be capped if using as a name, but if you use the word my or the before then it should be lowercase.

You told a touching story that many can relate to. I think a lot of people feel like an outsider. Good job and nice message.
I've so enjoyed your story and the rewards that you've reaped by coming full-circle into God's calling. Nicely done, and nicely told.
Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
It is no great feeling being left out; to be an outcast. The Main character handled it well however, it's very inspiring.

My little input, be super careful with grammar next time around. Watch for sentence fragment such as this one: "As my brothers and sisters would come up and see their Grandmother and bring presents with them that i would feel left out." A possible re-write could be: "It was when my brothers and sisters would come up and see our grandmother and brought presents with them, that I would feel left out." Be consistent with the tense and punctuation. Also put your "I" in capital, it doesn't matter where in a sentence they turn up.

You did a very good job ending on a positive note. It's great to know that even if we have been classified as out-cast, when Jesus walks into our lives we become His sons and daughters.
I really liked this story, especially with a very profound reference of the fact that the "black sheep" becoming a pastor, sometimes it is the "black sheep" that truly appreciate "all" the wool!!!
Growing in love with the shepherd helps us to learn to listen to him and obey him.

I have a feeling this article took some doing to publish being so personal. You put yourself into it so we felt it with you.

God can use our whole person for his Glory. Coming to obey Jesus after all your past brings glory to God. Your life lived for Jesus does the same in spite of your past.

good article.