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This is lovely, lovely, lovely. What a miracle to find each other again and at the right place and time this time. May God bless you and Fonda richly.

Your story is very well done, Thanks for sharing.
Awww...I am a complete fool for love stories, and this one made me so happy! God bless you both, abundantly in your marriage.

Thank you for sharing your love story, it was well written, and pulled at my heartstrings.

God bless~
Awww... you're such a romantic. What a beautiful love story you've shared with us. You'll have all us old girlies going weak at the knees. Everyone loves a love story with a happy ending. Here's hoping you have many more years of happiness together.
How incredibly blessed you are to have each other! The charm of first love added to the mixed baubles on the bracelet of life . . .
Congrats! God bless~

I loved this!
Oh this is so beautiful. It is like a movie and I so enjoyed every word of it. I even had tears in my eyes.

I think you handle the tense change quite expertly. The only thing I might have seen on that issue was this line: I have a love for music that always would draw me to the piano area
It's tricky because obviously you still have a love of music today. I wonder if this would have worked: I had a love of music so strong that even today it still draws me to the piano. Though that doesn't read very smoothly. Maybe: my love of music drew me to the piano.
It doesn't say that you still have a love of music today, but it keeps the tense consistent and then in the end you could add that Today we still make beautiful music together. (Okay that's too corny, but I hope it helped some.)

I think you did a great job of this piece. You handled the topic in a fresh and wonderful way. The fact that it is a true story makes it even more powerful Congratulations on your HC! Happy Dance!!