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If you wish to make you article more readable, using "white space" as some say, double click for each paragraph.

Yes, friends don't have to be "life long". They can be developed at any stage in life.

Our calling should be God's calling for us and not just what others may force us into.

The phrase "all those that will listen" will sound better written as "all those who will listen."

Keep writing, especially if it seems something you just have to do.
Since I am a person who doesn't easily make friends, it was lovely for me to read the story of a friendship.

Be careful of spelling, and of over-using exclamation points. And I'd have liked to know more about how the two of you interacted--some actual things you did together or said to each other. As it is, I felt somewhat as if I was watching the friendship from a great distance.

I liked your voice in this piece--it was quite authentic.
Your sincere heart comes forth in your writing. Whatever our calling is Lord help us to expand it to the nations. Keep writing!
I've had difficulty submitting my entries lately. Remember to preview before submitting. I have to put the double spaces between paragraphs in more than once before submitting.

I liked your story. It is interesting but more details would be better.

Thanks for entering and please keep writing.
A great lesson in expanding out of our comfort zone for the Kingdom. It helps to leave space between paragraphs for easier reading. Keep writing!
I can feel your passion in your words. You drew me in right away with your discription of the mysterious she.

I wonder if you had given her a name and worked more on showing than telling if it would impact the reader more. For example: After she made her decision, "Betty" collapsed into my arms, crying. Goosebumps popped out on her arms as she trembled slightly while she made her plans.
This isn't perfect, but I hope it gives you an idea of what I mean by showing instead of telling. You want to paint a picture for the reader.

You do a nice job with the topic and your message is a good one. We all can feel a little overwhelmed from time to time, but God will carry us through those hard times if we allow him to. Nice job.