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Of this is a delight. You really had me smiling at the end. The beginning was a tad slow, but once you started using more dialog, you really pulled me into the story.

Some of your sentences are a tad awkward. For example this: Sitting with her in her kitchen today the two was at the island playing with play dough, as we talked.
could be smoothed out a bit like this: As my sister and I sat and chatted at her kitchen table, my two kids sat at the counter and played with clay.
(I switched island to counter because I pictured an actual island and I switched play-dough to clay so not to repeat the word play in the same sentence.)
My example is not perfect, but I hope it shows you what I'm trying to say.

You did a great job with the dialog. It really made me feel like I was right there in the kitchen reminiscing. I also enjoyed your sense of humor and so could picture Mom's face as the pastor's kids danced around church. You told a wonderful story.
Smile - I suspected they were the pastor's kids.
It will improve your writing to learn more about when to use commas, but great job on this memoir.