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I really enjoyed this. It was light and breezy and I'm guessing if set to music, it would be one of those songs that gets stuck in my head. (Which is a good thing)

I'm not great at hearing rhythm and have to count out the syllables on my fingers. Most lines seemed to fit quite well as far as meter goes, but for me (and I could be totally off base on this) this line seemed twice as long as the one before: Whether we have a song, or just want to hum along.
Maybe something like this might flow better: We can choose to sing or just hum along.
I gave you the example just to try and show what I mean, but realize it's nowhere near as good as your lines.

Overall, I think it was quite delightful and did seem to have a wonderful flow to it, even to my tone-deaf ears. I really liked the way you showed how singing or even humming can be a great way to praise God. This was a total delight.
Oh wonderful! I could almost hear the tune as I read the words. This would be a great children's song.
"In Christ there is a song" favorite line and a great theme. Your words had a natural happy rhythm and made me smile. Very good work!