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thank you. i connected with the struggle of the main character and i love that you showed who really gives us the victory over temptation.
Very good! I also loved how you cut to the wife on her knees in prayer and the struggle he went through was very realistic. Nice writing.
I really enjoyed your entry. I liked how you showed the wife's prayers and the husband's inner struggle going on simultaneously. (You showed them distinctly for your reader by the format you used too.)

I loved your writing style and you were good at showing rather than telling. You said a honk signaled the shift to green. That was great. A lot of writers would have just said the light turned green. It's things like that which kept this interesting. Well done.

I hope someone struggling with this issue will read this entry and know their is hope for victory through God and know they don't have to give in to temptaion. Thank you for writing this great entry.
Wow! Very powerfully written! I loved the infixes of his wife's prayers. It worked perfectly!
Great character development, and as Debbie already pointed out, great "showing" instead of "telling".
Great! You captured the feelings perfectly. We all have those times when temptation grips us so hard, we cannot breath and our focus becomes fuzzy. But, God is true to His word. We feel powerless to stop the surging tide, but "when we are weak, then we are strong!" (2 Cor. 12:10) :)
Great story! You did a superb job of working all the parts together. Held my interest. God is faithful!
Beyond a good job! You portrayed it well - Life and God - the struggle - the war - the victory! Good work!
Good illustration of this powerful principle in God's Word. So well written. Bravo.
What can I say that has not already been said. Nice job.
My favorite verse. Every Christian should have it in their arsenal! Praise God for a praying partner. Yeggy
Congratulations on your "highly commended" win this week. The formatting really helped this story. Nice composition. Kudos to you!
Congratulations Jeffrey on your Win. Thanks for sharing and God Bless. Helen