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I enjoyed seeing how the different sounds represented different personalities. Your instant conflict drew me in.

Many writers will hear show don't tell. One way to do that is to use descriptive verbs and less adverbs and adjectives. First example this line:He kicked at the blind mans leg to accentuate his message, and left hurriedly for the meeting.
You really don't need The phrase to accentuate just message because The kicking shows that,perhaps you could add a snort as he kicked. Also instead of leftover hurriedly, you could use race or scurried.

I like your message, but The transition from the modern blind man to the Bible seemed a bit rough. You do have a nice way of starting with something most people can relate to and perhaps even see themselves in The story which is good because it makes the reader stop And really think. You did a nice job of writing on topic too while focusing on an important message. Nice job.
Clever and interesting take with the topic. You delivered an important and vital message in this piece.

thank you. God bless~