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Beautifully written ... i love the visual picture that you painted. thank you for blessing me today with the words from your heart!
What a beautiful story...I loved it, and the meaning behind the words. Poetic descriptions pertaining to her ephipany brought it home.

Lovely! God bless~
I think this is a lovely allegory. I especially enjoyed the many joys the MC found in the trees. I could close my eyes and visualize the setting which toke me back to the glorious days of my childhood yard.

I did notice you used the word tree quite a bit, and think you'd be surprised If you counted it. Since there aren't a lot of synonyms, you could switch up the sentence structure to avoid the repetition with something like this:
For almost thirty years, those trees stood in the yard feeling the tickle of little children's hands and feet as they attempted to climb. The full, tall ones shaded her on hot summer days while housing busy squirrels and fluttering birds.
Though it may not be perfect, I hope it gives you an idea of what I mean.

There is so much depth to this well-written piece. You have a knack for reaching through the page and grabbing my heart with your words. I think you did a grand job of writing on topic. Not only did you show it in the voice of the MC, but also in the chainsaw. Your message is brilliant and will touch different people in different ways. When that happens you can be sure the Holy Spirit is involved. Keep writing what he places on your heart!
Wow what a powerful testimony. My heart ached for the MC. I can't imagine a parent not loving her child unconditionally, though I know it happens all the time. You really pulled me into the story. Good job
Oops sorry the prior comment wasn't meant for your piece. Somehow I accidentally moved off The page I was on.
Yah! Congratulations on your Highly Commended award! Well deserved! So happy for you and proud of you!
Congrats! God bless~