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I enjoyed this devotion. I especially liked the prayer. I think there are many people who may not know how to pray so I always enjoy stories or devotions that include prayer.

Although this statement is a sad one, I have found that the people who need to hear the message from the Bible the most often might skip over a story with a lot of Bible verses in them. it can be overwhelming to new Christians or those who do not yet know Jesus. You have a delightful message and a great way of presenting it. You may want to consider using just a few verses and showing examples of how those verses made a difference in your life.

I think you covered the topic in a fun and fresh way while still delivering an important message. I can feel the passion in your words and know you have a burning desire to share God's love with others. That's awesome. Keep writing those messages that God places on your heart. Great job.
Your devotional made me smile! Yet you gave us reminders that wisdom can only come by spending time with God and asking Him for the wisdom. You show very good talent in devotional writing and I can see the Lord will use that, so keep it up!
Excellent take on the topic! Great devotional I enjoyed reading this morning...very well done. Unique and original.
Oh that we all would live outside of ding-dong land. Your devotional brought a smile to my face, and a challenge not to be a ding-dong.
This is great. I love how you re-worded the verses.

My only suggestion would be to make sure you're consistent in your spelling of "ding-dong." Sometimes you had it hyphenated, other times, as one word, "dingdong."

There are some good reminders here, presented in a fun way. Nice job.
Good way of brining attention to the "LOVE LETTER" the Father wrote for us. The wisdom in the Bible, extends beyond Proverbs, and to those who read it, they will understand fully to which the Lord refers, and guides.

NIcely done, good approach to the topic at hand.

God Bless~
I enjoyed especially the devotional thoughts at the end.
Wonderful analogy. How many ding dongs does it take to screw in a light bulb, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum?

I'm a ding dong for Christ - whose ding dong are you?

Most enjoyable. Thanks.
Congratulations for ranking 6th in your level! Happy Dance!!