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This is a great story. You do a really nice job of creating the conflict and building the suspense right away which draws the reader in.

Try to do more showing and less telling. One way to do that is to avoid passive verbs like was. For example this sentence is telling: Now Teddy was scared.
But change it to this and it shows the reader and paints a picture: Goose bumps popped up on Teddy's arms as he licked his lips, his eyes darting about searching for the correct path.

I think the Church bells ringing was an excellent way to be on topic. You have a lot of talent and this is one of those stories where you didn't need to use the word ding-dong to be on topic. Sometimes people think they have to mention the topic words in order to be on topic. This story, however, focused on the sound of the bells to get them home safely.

It is a fresh and creative take on the topic. I would have left off the last line and the package of Ding-Dongs (that would have been a horrible thing for him to eat with the mucous choking him, though a kid wouldn't know that, but I sensed you added it because you wanted to make sure it was on topic.) I know how it is to second guess myself and wonder what the reader might think. You have some amazing talent and I would say believe in the story you wrote because you did nail the topic.

Even the ending, which can be difficult with the word limit, kept building the suspense. You did a fantastic job with this one.
Good job with building tension. Enjoyed the story. Thanks!
Powerful story with a clever use of the topic. It made me sit on the edge of my seat...nicely done!

God bless~