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There seems to be quite a bit happening in this short piece. I was a little confused, trying to follow what happened to who and when it happened. It seems like there is quite a story here.

In the future, you might want to narrow it down to just a small piece of the story--because of the challenge's required word count--that way you could still get your point across, without making the reader feel a bit rushed. :) It's just a thought though.

I liked the characters of David and Dinah, I wished that I'd known more about them to understand what made them make the choices they did and so on. Thank you for sharing this!
Wow - powerful, intensely jarring in its message and clarity of meaning. Excellent job with this piece. I pray that it worked out for this couple, with God all things are possible. And God loves His children, one and all.

Great job! God bless~
This is an interesting story and shows how we do need to keep our brothers and sisters in check. It also shows a big cultural difference. I think some women in the states might be offended that the wife was blamed when she was not the one who cheated. It's interesting to see how other cultures deal with a similar problem that happens all over the world.
This was an interesting story, very heartwrenching, and a chilling read. I was a bit confused, however, at the abrupt ending. In other words, I think that what Dinah did to contribute to the problem needs more than a summary. For example, it would help to get a glimpse at the beginning into how she condoned the whole idea of a cheating lifestyle.

That said, you have a great message in this, something well worth pondering.