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What a lovely little devotional. I'm definitely with you on the rattling of a rattlesnake's tail. I never want to be on the end where I'm hearing that one. Thanks for sharing!
Give your fear to the Lord and come enjoy a rattlesnake roundup in Texas, maybe even eat a fried rattlesnake burger. Just kidding you, but we do those things here. Enjoyed the devotional. Well done.
I liked the title and the truth you illustrated. I hope we'll be more alert to God's "rattles" and warnings. Good job.
Timely reminder for all Christians and His children overall. Good message, nicely done.

God Bless~
This is a good devotion. I like how you started out with sharing your fears. It helps to pull the reader in.

Some of your sentences are a bit awkward. A good thing to do is have someone read it aloud and if they stumble, then you might want to reword it a bit. For example this line: If we are not faithful to do this, God will hold us responsible for what happens to them.
could be changed to this: If we neglect his people, then God will hold us responsible for them.
I reworked it about four or five times and it still isn't perfect but I hope it shows you what I mean.

You did a nice job of writing on topic while delivering an important message that can be easy to forget in this day where everyone is so busy. Nice job.
Congratulations on ranking 8th in your level! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)