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Great reminder. Your words kept my attention. Keep writing.
This piece shows depth of thought and a good spiritual application. Good job
Great job, this is a wonderful approach to the topic. God bless~
I really enjoyed this devotion. You did a nice job of explaining it and using the Scriptures to back up your message.

The first line was a tad long and complicated for me. I worry that it might overwhelm some readers. Maybe toning it down just a bit or spreading it out might help. For example: Following a public riot, being beaten unjustly,and then thrown into jail, Paul and Silas could have rattled their chains, instead they allowed God to make a statement for them.
It's still a powerful and intriguing line but I cut out a lot of the adverbs and adjectives. Often you can pack more of a punch with action verbs.

I can really feel your passion and desire to share the message with others. You have a knack for pulling the reader in and really letting me feel the passion rise up from the page and grip my heart. This genre is obviously one that you have a special gift for. You also did a nice job of writing on topic while delivering an important message.
Wonderful! Praise YHWH! Congratulations!