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First, let me say, Moths are positively phototactic. Meaning they have an automatic response system the draws them to a light. While I don't like the thought of being automatically and thoughtlessly going through life, your point is well taken ... and well presented. Good Job. Keep writing.
Nice analogy reference between "foolish man" and "foolish moth" - An interesting and metaphorical insight that's nicely tied to an important message. Well done!

God bless~
This is a great devotion. I loved the moth reference. You then did a great job of delivering your message. I also really liked the prayer too.
Congrats on first place and that ever loved EC! You are on fire girl!
First place and EC; well done. I look forward to more of your writing. Congrats!
Rivetting. You had me being that poor moth at the beginning. Sin is so easy, thoughtless and deceptive. I agree with you totally. We are captivated by sweet bright promises that lead us away from the brilliance that is God. Praying for all us moths . . .

Thanks for this reminder of the danger of foolishness. Foolishness destroys. Congrats for your 5th EC placing.
Fantastic devotional and sage advise. Well done -congratulations on your first win.