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Yes, sing from your heart to the Lord, maybe not in the choir, but always to Him. He said, "Make a joyful NOISE!" :o) A bit of proofreading would help here to catch a few words that are not quite right/misspelled. Keep writing!
Our praises are melodious in God's ears when we offer them from the heart! Lovely story:)
As a person who can't sing, your essay touched me. A few grammatical/spelling cleanups and this one will work well.
Hi, your story reminds me of my mom (and me,LOL) I'm glad you keep a song in your heart. Nice work.
God bless ya, littlelight
A very touching Inspirational piece.
I was so moved by Your Love for Jesus and the desire in Your heart to be so close to Him and to Encourage others in their walk with Him.
Beautiful testimony from your beautiful redeemed heart.
this is a beautiful piece to Encourage The Family of God and to have a song in our hearts unto our Lord!
"I was Blessed and Encouraged,Thanks!"
continue to write for the Lord ,your words touch the heart!"
With Jesus Love,
Your sister Dee:)
"Numbers 6:24,25,26"
A real sweet story with a twinge of humor. I liked it. You don't give up singing just because you can't sing Opera, or even "good 'ole Opry;" AND - you don't give up writing just because you make a few errors! There are Some words left out like I "HAVE" been told; and "song" instead of "sang"...but all in all a very good attempt...and a Good One! We're not sculpted in a day - over time we become more and more like the Sculpture we are meant to be.
Never give up! God Bless!
Your Comments and Encouragements are Appreciated. ( :

Thanks for taking the time.
God’s Blessing with Love, Helen

Hi Helen: I'm a singer, surely do agree - we all have a song to sing before the Lord. I am so glad for the wonderful advice of your friend. Keep singing.

I was once told - "when we worship angels hover above us and collect together 'all the wonderful sounds'(good and bad) of our voices into one wonderous melody to offer these songs of praise and worship before the throne of God."

Thank you for your story and keep writing.