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Nice devotion length piece, though I saw no evidence of "click."
I think the 'click' was when she figured things out:) I did need to read this a few times to get it though. You did write the truth. Nice job!
I enjoyed this immensely . . .

Throw a Brick for CLICK
You really showed us her heart. Nicely done. I love your descriptions as she races away from what is happening, and how the truth clicks in her mind at the end.
Concise and meaningful. Well done.
You have the start of a powerful character here. My heart ached with her pain.

It may have been a tad weak on the topic, but I understood that it clicked inside her head and you certainly don't need to use the word to be on topic.

One thing you might want to consider is to replace passive verbs like was with active ones to help paint more of a picture for the reader. For example this: Her heart was crushed with anguish while
can be turned into something like this: Anguish overwhelmed her as her heart thudded against her chest

Overall, though I think you did a great job. The MC was relatable and the proof that the writing is good is that I longed to read more about this character. I could feel the waves of emotion from grief to confusion to finally understanding. Well done. :)
When it dawned on her that it was not the end but only the beginning. I knew in my heart that it clicked with her. She new without of shadow of doubt that Jesus was the Christ. I found your devotion to be meaningful and touching at the same time.