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Interesting recounting of the news.
First, don't put your title on the story when you submit it. It takes up word count and is not supposed to be there. Next, the news retold is great, but I saw very little of your own imagination. Keep Writing!
I felt I was reading a editor's commentary. Very well written - why do you consider yourself a beginning writer? Please rethink your level . . .

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This is really fascinating. I enjoyed your point of view on this horrible tragedy and found the article interesting.

I usually try not to read comments before i leave mine, but this time my eyes did drop down. Patsy is right that you don't need to put the title in the story as it is listed on the screen, however, it does not add to the word count, nor do an author's note at the end.

My advice would be don't use exclamation points, except for dialog. Instead let your choice of verbs do the exclaiming for you.

I think you did a nice job of weaving the topic into this piece. it's contemporary and makes one stop and think. I think your comments about the world rallying behind this city is a great example of what people are meant to be when God placed us here. It's not always easy, but we do have heart, and you showed yours with your words. Good job.
Congratulations on 2nd place.
Keep Writing!
Congratulations on placing 2 in your level and 21 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards at )
This piece is timely and probably reflects the thoughts of millions of Americans living through those tragic days. Good job on this. Congratulations on your ranking.