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AMEN! a lesson well explained. Hope it touches a lot of readers and teaches them to click off the TV.
This is most excellent, and too sadly true . . . Writers Forum • View topic - Throw a Brick for CLICK
This is a great devotion. You do a fantastic job of tackling the topic. I always like it when a devotion starts with a real life story and something many can relate to and yours certainly did that.

The red ink I offer is tiny things. You might be surprised at how many times you used the word T.V. It's not an easy word to replace, but you could vary it some with television or TV or set. Another thing you could do is combine some of your sentences like this: Then came out the colored console, yet still no need for ratings yet because...

Overall, I think you did a splendid job on this piece. Your prayer was lovely and one of my favorite parts. many people may not know how to pray, so I always enjoy it when someone shows it's just a heart to heart. You did a great job !
So true. Clever idea for the topic. I enjoyed the progression in your devotional and I liked your ending. There are a few grammatical and spelling errors, but with practice,that's an easy thing to fix. Keep writing for the Lord!
I really liked the ending of your piece. Eating dinner together as a family and praying with one another are so important. If you aren't in a challenge buddy group yet, you might want to consider going on forums and looking for a thread that talks about getting a buddy. Welcome and thanks for sharing your writing. I will look forward to hearing more from you. Blessings...
This was a clever take on the topic and your message rings true. I suggest that you always use a spelling checker and check your writing several times. I find it is so easy to miss errors when I write so I need to check it over a few times. Keep on writing!
A great reminder of where we might be headed if we don't consider our ways. Nice job and enjoyed your insights and the way you've presented your thoughts.
This was an informative stroll through the era of TV and how it has impacted our culture. Well done.