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I pray this is not from personnel experience. Good Job in writing about it. Keep Writing!
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Wow...this is sad. I really feel for Susan, but I would have to confront Mort. I understand why some women stay in abusive situations, and this is abuse, but he would have to get help. Very well written on a sensitive subject. You do have a way of telling it real and evoking emotion.

God Bless....
What a sad, heartbreaking routine. You're right, too many people have the same routine. All the more reason to pray for the men in our lives.
I feel for anyone who would have to go through that night after night. A very sensitive subject to talk about but I thought it was very well done. That's all one can do is pray.
Sad, but true. You developed your characters well. Kept me reading all the way through. Good job. Keep writing for the Lord.
Oh wow! This really grabbed at my heart. I could feel the pain of the MC ooze off the page. You did a splendid job dealing with a sensitive topic. Your message is clear, yet not at all preachy. This is an intense bit of writing.
I pray this entry is not a true story with all my heart. But it rings with the truth and hollow pain of someone who has experienced the loneliness of sexual addiction. Our family - life was expressed by a different "routine" but I have walked in the shoe's of the MC. The real tragedy besides the individuals and marriages this sin destroys is the fact that the church closes its eyes, not helping family's to deal with this very real issue. Thank you for being brave enough to enter this. It will help many just because you had the courage to write it.
This is a sad commentary; but you've boldly told it. It helps to explain a lot of the unrest and lack of peace in what should be graced relationships. This was a hard topic to tackle, I'm sure. But you handled it well.
You wrote a poignant piece on this tough subject. Well done.