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Best rethink to placing yourself in at least the Intermediate Level. This was absolutely rivetting.
Wow, this was great! You did a fantastic job taking us back in time to how Moses' parents must have felt and the urgency to protect him before he was born.

Great retelling of this Bible story.
This made me think how it must have been for those parents. You did a really good job.
Great job in depicting what may have been "behind the scenes" with Moses parents.

Nicely done, and wonderfully written. I enjoyed this very much.

God bless~
I agree with Judith, I don't know if one can switch once he / she has placed themselves in a level, but this is an absolutely excellent piece of fictional writing depicting what it was probably like for these two famous biblical parents. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I am excited about reading more of your writings. I adore good biblical fiction. I hope this does very well for you, it is clever for the topic as well as being wonderful to read in every way.
This is a great story. The characters' emotions come through so clearly. I agree you should think about moving up to at least the Intermediate level. I really enjoyed this!
This is very good writing. A great story. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.You should go ahead a move up to level two, your writing just shines!
This is a thrilling story. You do a wonderful job of painting a picture for the reader and pulling me in with your words.

I noticed some little things like run slowly sounds like an oxymoron. Perhaps jogged would have been a better fit. I also admit I scratched my head a bit because I had never heard of the soldiers drowning the babies, but rather killed them on site, but I'll admit that because of an illness I have a hard time remembering so I could be wrong.

I do think it is a wonderful take on the story and is quite a thrilling tail. Perhaps seeing babies drowned in the river was how Moses' mother thought of putting him in the basket. It makes me stop and ponder the story and look it up in my Bible which is always a good thing.
Wonderful piece of Biblical fiction. You captured the emotions vividly. This entry shines.
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