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Beautiful sentiment. Might want to make sure you have spaces between paragraphs. Makes it easier to read.

Keep writing:)
You had strong message and beautiful descriptions. I could picture your character. But it felt like a summary of a story or a draft of a devotional. I would love to read a scene where the MC interacts with others, so I could see how she felt out of place.
This was a very good devotional, but I wanted more.
Lovely. A wise music teacher.
I assumed a music teacher, but any wise soul with that much compassion - have to love him or her!
I think this is a really lovely message. I think it'll especially reach those who are younger.

You have some tiny typos, like not capitalizing Asian White, African. I worry that it may be slightly off topic but I also know that sometimes God puts a message on our hearts for a reason and we must be faithful.

Your voice in this piece rang out and really encouraged me. Keep writing, you have some simple, yet heartfelt words in you that will touch many hearts.
Beautiful concept. A topic that would resonate with many.

I agree with Bonnie. I wanted more description of how the professor helped her come to terms with her wondering about herself.