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I really enjoyed this article. I think you did a great job describing what life was like for you growing up. I also think you did a nice job of coming up with an out of the box story that is still on topic. I think the scripture you chose was a great fit. You did a nice job.
I'm a professional sign language interpreter and I love all the sign accents, too. Here in the Northwest for "birthday" we use a sign similar to "favorite" that starts on the chin and then moves to the chest. I've heard there are so many signs for that one word!

I found it interesting in my linguistic studies in college that ASL doesn't actually drop words, but rather is a completely different language and grammar system than English. It also uses space and movement to show relationships between words instead of some of the smaller words English adds in. ASL originates from France, so it makes sense your dad was able to communicate so easily there. Very cool.
Although I have taken a few classes in ASL Sign language, your writing described beautifully the importance of facial expressions and how isolating it can be from the rest of the world.

It is a totally different language and can vary in different parts of the country. The deaf or hard of hearing community is a tight-knit group.

I think sign language is a beautiful expression of one's heart.

Thank you for sharing your family's story.
I very much enjoyed this. I loved the background and information regarding sign language. It made for a great read.

I especially love the Scripture and how you view it. Very eye opening and gave me something to really think about! Great job!
Interesting and wonderful job with your entry. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

God bless~
Terrific article! I learned a wee bit, and enjoyed reading this through. Thank you for great information.

Loving you in through and because of Jesus, the Christ . . .

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