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I love this...Well written. It made me smile a couple of times, and now I'm also hungry for some chili! With shredded cheese on top too!
I love a good bowl of chili so your title caught my attention. The transition from memoir to devotional was handled nicely. Well done.
A simple childhood memory brought to life that you make very memorable for the reader with Erma's big brown eyes. Her quiet feistiness also comes through as she wags her spoon in your direction urging you to try the newly accented chili. Very nice take for the topic. I liked your smooth transition from story to devotional. The devotional really makes me realize how much I am being watched by the day to day world and how God is counting on me to be His representative. Thank you for this entertaining yet very inspirational piece.
Well written, simple illustrative story that anyone will bee able to relate to. All too often, I;m guilty of not accepting the role of "crackers," instead, I want to be the chili! Thanks for the reminder.
Oh, I enjoyed this one very, very, much. The remembrance of the little girl with the chili and the way you now relate it is beautifully expressed, as well as your love and devotion to God. Beautifully written and just an excellent piece.
You did a grand job with this story. You were on topic in a fresh and unique way and the story made me smile and realize how seemingly little things I might do might make the difference in someone's life forever. Keep writing those delicious stories god places on your heart.
Thank you for taking me back to the monkeybars! I always preferred saltines to oyster crackers - saltaholic? I love how you waltzed the story into a true devotional.

Because He lives and loves . . .
Great approach to a strong challenge, triggered by such a very simple childhood memory.
I was hoping you'd grow up and marry Erma but I'll get over it. I think your story is an engaging read and flows smoothly into the message. Original for the topic too. Great job.
Good job. This line made me smile: "As Christians, we should be the crackers in God’s chili." Great message! Keep writing.
A sweet memory turned into a sweeter story and great devotional. What more could a reader want? Very enjoyable and uplifting read, flawlessly told.
Uplifting, inspirational, meaniningful, and intensely satisfying. Great job.

God bless~
Loved the warmth and down to earth feel of this story. So short and simple, yet so powerful and drawing. The transition to devotion was perfect. Great job. (By the way, I've always loved my chili that way too.)
I really liked how you used this sweet memory to build a wonderful devotional lesson.
Well done!
I've enjoyed crackers in my chili, too! :) This is a very sweet story with a thought-provoking devotional message! I especially liked these lines:

"It is our purpose and destiny to be salt-seasoned. We should bring out the God-flavors to season everyone around us. The more time we spend with God, The more God’s flavor will be evident in our lives.

If we lose our saltiness, the world will not know the flavor of God."

You did a nice job with this!
The title grabbed me; the article kept me. Good job with the story. Interesting tie-ins. God Bless.
I felt like I was there. What an accurate transition was made from the memoir to the devotional of this writing.
Congratulations!! Happy Dance!!
You did it my friend, I am almost in tears! You worked so hard on this piece... I am so happy for you. Enjoy this victory with your Lord. A hearty Congratulations to you. Now, lets go and have some of that yummy chili with Erma, I can just see her eyes a sparkling! Blessings
Thank you for glorifying God with your true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous and praiseworthy winning entry! God bless you.

Love and verbal hugs, Judi

KJV Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."
You ranked 23 overall!! I'm so proud and happy for you! (Even if you did do way better than I did!) I'm doing my happy dance!! You've worked hard this past month and it shows!
Congrats! God bless~
Congrats on your 3rd placing.