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Terrific throughout! You express Him so lovingly and so well. Thank you.

Loving you in through and because of Jesus, the Christ . . .

Have you "thrown a brick"?
This is well written and interesting to read. I echo Judith's question. Have you gone to the "throw a brick" thread in the forum? You can get lots of feedback there for this wonderful piece.
Beautiful and timeless message in this well written entry. I especially loved the way you wrapped it up...with a prolific and profound closing. Thank you.

God bless~
Wow! You are well traveled. I enjoyed your story and the lesson within. Good job! Keep writing.
You must be very auditory like me. I moved around often growing up as well, and my parents liked to take us girls on educational trips as well. Seeing this grand country and meeting so many different types of people with their lovely accents was a real treat as you so beautifully point out. The only thing I am wondering about is you called California a northern state, and I would say that Minnesota and the Dakota's are more of the Northern states, while Ca. would be a western state. I absolutely found this a joy to read, it was very well written. I also loved how you talked about the "Christianese" that the body of Christ can be famous for. It sounds like you have a real heart fort he lost. Thanks for your travelogue as well as your thoughtful devotional. God Bless.
Oh, I said the part about you being auditory because I am, and I like you, end up talking like whoever I spend a lot of time around. When I moved from NJ to OK to go to college, I was talking like an "Okie" within 3 weeks after I got there and my first conversation with one of my NJ girlfriends on the phone was quite eye (I mean ear -haha) opening. I never realized I had had an accent!
I like the way you changed the focus of the story of your childhood to reaching out to others and the last line really wrapped it up in a nutshell :)
Your article is very nicely on-topic, and I enjoyed your personal experiences with the variations in culture and language in our vast country. I also liked how you connected these with your devotional thoughts. This sentence of yours is so true: "I also wonder at times how we as Christians must sound to those who visit our churches. We do tend to speak our own language, confusing many who dont understand our theology, beliefs and ideas."

You remind us to be more thoughtful and careful in choosing our words when we're talking to non-Christians or even new Christians. We definitely do have our "own language"! Nice job with this!
You did a splendid job with your article. It was fun, interesting, and informative. Plus a great moral for the reader to ponder. Well done!
Keep writing.
I'm impressed with the way you express yourself. Not only your experience from traveling is showing, but a remarkable skill in communication and knowledge of your audience. Also, insights into what makes us all One, regardless of our language(s).
I really enjoyed the information you shared about your life's moves. You wrote with clarity about the differences that exist from north and south and east and west.

What a beautiful way to segue from your experience to a most important point we need to remember about our Christian culture. The world does not understand our language at times. We must be most cautious to be clear in our communication about Christ.

This is such a delightful devotion. You have a marvelous way with words. I loved how you introduced the MC in the beginning. Right away, I felt like I was listening to a dear sweet friend. You did a great job of packing so much personality in such a small space.

My only suggestion would be not to use as many exclamation points as it can lessen the impact. Instead save them for dialog. You pick such delightful words to do your exclaiming that the exclamation point becomes redundant. (It may not sound like it but I meant that as a huge compliment)

Your transition into your message was seamless. it was just the natural place to take the reader to next on this delightful journey. You covered the topic and I think you did it in a fresh and exciting way. I enjoyed this from beginning to end.
Congratulations for placing 7th in your level! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
I really enjoyed this. You related your life experiences very well, and I love how you tied it into a moral. Great read.