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The words in your poem spoke to my heart. I especially liked the first stanza.
Beautifully done.
God bless~
Wow you did an amazing job on this delightful, yet so serious, poem. I say it is delightful not because of the difficulties you described, but because of the answer--the only answer there is to get through these times.

I did notice a few tiny errors such as chemicals harm instead of chemicals' or chemical's harm.Also, this may just be a personal choice, but I noticed you used the universal we or you. You could make it more personal by using I or me or to not use a pronoun at all like this: songs that have been learnt by heart. And Are a prison that has been built.
I think it's okay either way, as long as you are consistent. By using I, it allows the reader to relate or empathize, however, sometimes using the universal you or we can feel preachy to people.

I only mention these thoughts because I believe you have some awesome talent and it might be something you want to tweak later or consider when you write your next poem. I do hope there will be more pieces from you because you have a way of grabbing the reader's heart. Once you get someone's attention that allows the Holy Spirit in to do all kinds of work. Keep writing, you have an incredible gift.
Congratulations on placing 4th in your level and for ranking 34 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards for the top 8 to 15 in each level and the top 35 overall.)
Congrats. God bless~
Gripping, well written poem. Lots to ponder there...Well done!