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The author appears to be someone who appreciates music and makes it possible for the reader to see how the different genres reflect our mulitifaceted God who has chosen to reveal part of his majesty and splendour through musical notes. No two people are there same. Indeed there is something for everything. However while God has given us all things to enjoy we should not lose sight of the fact that all things are and were created for his pleasure. While appreciating what the writer is trying to do by contrasting worship music to mundane (even base) things real worship of God performs a transports that lifts one from all that is worldy and allows one to see the King of glory. When appreciation of worship music is described as a good addiction it smacks of hedonism - designed to pander to the flesh. We are told that God is Spirit and those that worship him should do so in spirit and truth.I found this piece of writng intriguing. I grappled a bit with the title due to the use of the word addiction. Addiction to me means bondage even if it is good in that society approves of it.True worship breaks bondage. Saul was delivered each time David played the harp.
This is an interesting essay. I think you make some great points. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I believe Jesus loves my off key singing just as much as the most beautiful singer and that is because he listens with his heart.

I wish you had taken this a step further. Perhaps have a character who is addicted to drugs but maybe finds her way home again because someone hears her singing this amazing high note and then once she realizes what she can do with her voice to help others come to Christ she realizes that being in his present is way better than any high.

That's just a suggestion to show how you can take an idea and step outside the box a bit. It may not be exactly what you would be looking for, but hopefully gives you an idea of what I mean. Your essay, though short has definitely made people stop and think and when that happens the Holy Spirit can work many things into the gap. Keep writing!