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I love the name of the organization...Agape. Great story with a powerful conclusion. Thank you.

God Bless~
I found this essay to be an interesting and different take on the topic. I think you definitely nailed the topic, and this is quite different than other stories this week--which is always a good thing.

For me the transition from the back story of Agape house and the "how to" part about finding a happy medium jarred me a tiny bit. I had thought the story would be more about the actual house than advice on how to assemble a good board.

I think the advice , however, was great and educated me about how to best tackle a project like that. If I had read the title first, I think I would have been more prepared. I need to start reading titles more often.

Your essay made me think, and not just about starting a group or business, but how balance is important in many things. It's always good to have a mixture because when people go to extremes, even extremes that are vastly different, that is when problems develop. Take for example parenting: one can be too strict and not allow the child any freedom, while another can be too lenient and allow the child to do whatever he wants. Though both actions are extreme, the one thing they are likely to have in common is a messed up kid. Overall, I think you did a nice job on this.