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Lovely, peaceful and powerful prayer at the close. Thank you.

God bless~
There's a strong link with Psalm 23 here, especially as you also weave in your own testimony. Solid devotional material.
I was indeed blessed by this beautiful piece. Well written and comforting to my soul. Keep writing!
Beautifully, comfortingly written. Thank you . . .
This is quite nice. Though this passage has been used by quite a few writers this week, it's interesting to see how the Holy Spirit uses it differently in different people.

I noticed a tiny typo where you used set instead of sit. One way I can remember which one to us is by thinking of the I in the middle represents me a person so I sit, (or the dog sits) Sit is used for the action of the subject while set is what you do to things. I set the table or I set my Bible on my bag while I sit in the pew.

I think you did a nice job on this devotion. I especially enjoyed the prayer. I think there are people who may not know how to pray, so I like it when the prayer is included.:-)
This is a lovely testimony and devotional with a powerful prayer to end with. Well done!
Nicely written devotional and reminder. On a humorous note we being dumb like sheep often fall over on our side (or upside down) and can't get up without our Shepard's loving crook.
I was blessed by your encouraging devotional.
What a wonderful message and well written too. I don't think you will stay in level one for long. I liked the way you began it as a study of sorts and turned it into more of a devotional type piece. The prayer at the end tied it together well, giving the reader a proper response to the leading & correction of our Great Shepherd. Praise God!
I thought this piece really flowed from your heart and it is easy for one to tell that you have a wonderful relationship with your shepherd, Jesus. I love the down to earth way that you speak with your reader which always makes for great devotional reading. The only thing I might suggest is that in the second paragraph you used the word 'way' often. The first time you used the word you could have used the word path instead, for an example of a different word choice. The best thing about this piece for me though was that I felt comforted just in reading it. This is always a good sign of well written devotional material, that the reader actually feels what the write was trying to convey. Thanks for this beautiful piece!