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A lovely reminder of our Savior and His majestic and powerful presence.

Lovely job. Thank you.
God bless~
This is a fascinating piece. Although Psalm 23 has been used in many stories this week, I like how you took it to the next level and showed other places where a staff is an important character in the life of Jesus.

I did notice a few tiny typos like Moses hand instead of Moses' hand and here instead of here.

I will admit you allowed me to see the crucifixion through new eyes. I had always though some random stick was used throughout the torture of Jesus, but having it be a staff makes so much sense and the irony of it all teaches us lessons way more than using a random stick would. I always think a story is great if I see things in a new light or if the story makes me stop and think. You accomplished both of these things--kudos.
The connection you made from Moses' staff, to the staff of God our Good Shepherd, to the reed-staff that was thrust into Jesus' hand in mockery, to Jesus ruling with a rod of iron as King of kings is striking and to the point (puns intended). Very thought provoking; well done!