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Written with charming, self-deprecating humor. (Watch spelling of chords / cords.) A fun read!
I loved this "out of the box" of all the other entries this week. This showed originality. Makes you wonder if this is a true story.. God bless. djdeb
I enjoyed this and loved getting a bit of culture at the same time. Well done!
You know that I can identify very strongly and know that of course this is a true story!!! I love the way you describe Cantonese ... so true. I was right in your shoes ... except they were mine too.

This comes from the (part of a group which was the) fourth prize winner of the 'Foreigners Sing Chinese Songs competition' broadcast on national TV in 1996 to mention just one occasion! (Albeit the most memorable.)

Considered writing similarly to you but decided that nobody would believe me. WELL DONE, you piaoliang waiguoren!!!
Definitely a fun read! LOL I enjoyed this! Would love to hear you sing some day.
This is a delightful little glimpse into your life! I'm so glad you were willing to open up, get vulnerable, and put this out there. You did a really great job with it!
Wonderful story! Tell us more! :o)
A really fun read and I loved the 'ironic' voice that we kept catching glimpses of. Well done.
Oh the lessons He teaches us!! Well told!
Where's the blushing emoticon in a story when I need it. Made me smile and blush for you at the same time. Yeggy.
Good job. This was fresh and entertaining. I noticed a few small errors, but nothing serious. Love the title and was hooked by the story.
I was also hooked by your story. It was beautifully told and a fun spin on the topic. Well done!
LOL. Truth is always the best humor! Very well done and I love how you can laugh at yourself and let us laugh with you :)