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This is a really good piece, I liked it very much.
This is a great message, especially this time and day. You did a great job of explaining your message without coming off as too preachy. You weaved the topic in nicely too. This was a pleasure to read.
This is an excellent message, especially in a culture where outer beauty is more emphasized than inner beauty.

Amen to every word! I agree with Shann that you wove the topic in beautifully. This is something we all struggle with. Very timely and well done.
Nice job with this.

I was a bit confused by the "double nickle" reference, but figured it out (I think?). Perhaps that is a regional saying? Might want to make sure you use well known sayings that are known universally.

There were some great reminders here. Nice job.
This is a well-written, thoughtful article, and I really enjoyed reading it! You bring out many good points here about humankind's fixation with the outer appearance, often to the neglect of our inner self. I especially liked the last paragraph and this line: "The world's measure of a man or woman is much different than God's. He puts the tape measure around my heart and not the bulge around my middle." How true!
Good job, I enjoyed it.
God bless~
I really loved this great piece and your clear message of what really counts in the sight of God. You described the dangers we so easily fall into very accurately and your reminder that God 'puts the tape measure around my heart and not the bulge around my middle' is a saying and a truth that I hope I will remember. Thank you for this great Gospel message.
Nicely done. Great insights into our human psyches and how the spiritual side of our existence needfully/purposefully "out weighs" all else. Especially liked the phrase regarding God measuring the girth of our hearts and not our stomachs.
A timely well written piece. I especially liked your line "It is difficult to love my neighbor when I'm so engaged with myself." Good job!
This is very good writing and a very strong message on how we feel we need to look younger and prettier on the outside while it is inside where we should be beautiful. The only way to have inner beauty is to have the beauty of Christ in me.

Very well done!
Congratulations for ranking 6 in level 1 and 36 overall!