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I liked reading this story. It really is a reminder of the way life is supposed to be lived.
This is a great story. You drew me in immediately and I found myself smiling as I read.

I did notice some little errors like the comma goes inside the quotation mark. A challenge buddy might help you catch those errors. If you need help finding one, PM me and I'll help.

Another thing that might help you turn a good story into a great one is to work on showing. One way to do that is to get rid of taglines like she said. Take your opening line. Instead of is what I overheard, try something like this. I leaned closer to hear the undertaker.
This way it paints a picture for the reader.

I think you did a grand job of using the topic in your story. One of the challenges is to come up with a different POV than everyone else. There have been several stories about the measure of a man. But you tackled it in a fresh way by having the mortician (the word undertaker makes me think of the Old West) literally measure the man. I love your subtle sense of humor. I think you have a knack for storytelling. I really liked how you wrapped everything up in the end. This was a delightful read.
I had a lump in my throat just reading this story. GOD Bless you.
Wonderful entry! Loved the voice and the storyline. Right on topic and enjoyably written. Great job.
I like your witty style in this story. It is sad that a man (or woman) is not usually measured by his heart, but by his pocketbook or his position of authority. Very good story. God Bless!
Oh my...this made my heart sigh and made my eyes water. So touching.

God bless~
Great story. Great truths without being preachy. Well done.
You are a story teller, for sure. Just a little polishing to eliminate a few typo's will bring it forward even more. Well done.
Congratulations for your HC in level 1 and for ranking 32 overall!
Congrats. God Bless~
I would love to see this fleshed into a novel . . .