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This is an interesting little sermon. You make some wonderful points and do a nice job of making the reader stop and think. That is always a good thing.

This is just my opinion and I know others don't feel the same way as I do. But when an author starts asking the reader direct questions it makes me feel like I'm being lectured. I think sometimes you can be more effective if you share a personal story or belief. Example: Wearing holy jeans in church may make some people uncomfortable, but I believe that God doesn't care what my clothes look like. He's much more concerned about the appearance of my heart.
That may not be exactly what you were trying to say but I hope it helps show you what I mean.

I think you did a great job of covering the topic. The Bible verses you use are a great match for the points you are making. You started off with an interesting tidbit that drew me in. I'd never heard that before so I found it quite fascinating. Your last sentence was awesome. I believe it really packs a punch and brings the story full-circle. It's an excellent bit of advice. You did a fine job on this piece.
Some excellent points for us to all ponder. Would love a personal example or two, to make this a bit more engaging. Great message for sure. Thank you.
Some great teaching and informative material here which is interesting. Try the 'Chuck a Brick' for this topic, in the forum, to get extra comment.
Multi messages and meanings to this piece. Nicely done.
God bless~
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