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This whole essay is beautifully written, but it's absolutely stunning from the last paragraph through God's song. Left me breathless. What a blessing! Thank you so much.
This was fascinating. It was sadly and wonderfully realistic! Great job!
I was wore out and restored as I read this! Good portrayal of the old nature and New Nature. Good job.
A wonderful piece - powerful images. One tiny nitpick - "I listened carefully to the perfect chords of a glorious, still small voice." I'd change the word "chords" to "notes" as one voice can't sing chords (3 or more notes together) :)
I love the descriptions here! Very well written! Great job!
Very poetic! I really loved the line about knowing your weapons were straw and plastic.
wow, great job this time and last time.. awesome.. I think you are very skilled.. God bless djdeb
Excellent! You write so well! I think your descriptions and imagery were amazing.
Wow! What are you doing in beginners? What an amazing journey. Exceptional storytelling.
In one word? Incredible!
Reminded me of C. S. Lewis' works. Very insightful. Loved these lines: "God's enemies always attacked with a hybrid strategy of siege, invasion and bold aggression. Proven effective time and again, groundwork laid long before began to pay off for them. The distant power of His word, like trickling water over layers of caked mud, was insufficient. Sipping at the poison through my eyes, my mind strode down the familiar path." So powerful. Well done. Hope to see you place.
Phew!!! This is true art. I'm sure you won't last long in beginners. Brilliant ... just brilliant!
Its clear youve been there, Jeff. Thanks for re-entering the depths of your struggle so that we might see the victory. Very clever without being titillating or specific so that it relates to all people. Yeggy