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This is an interesting piece. You definitely covered the topic. I like the examples you gave and you did do a nice job of using several stories from the Bible.

There were some spots where the transition from one story to another was a tad rocky. One thing that might help pull the reader into your story more would be to use dialog. For example something like this might help the reader form a picture: simple instructions were issued by Joshua, circle the city once every day
Joshua gathered the masses and cupped his hands around his mouth. "Today we will march around the city one time. Don't make any noise at all."
The group followed Joshua's instructions.

On the seventh day, Joshua announced, "Today we will circle the city seven times. On my cue, everyone will start shouting."

Hopefully that will help show you what I mean. Notice also how I double spaced between paragraphs to give the reader some white space.

I enjoyed your ending. The last line made me smile and I could feel a subtle sense of humor there and at other times sprinkled throughout the story. I can tell you have a passion for the Bible and a desire to spread God's word to as many people as possible. Keep writing those stories that God lays on your heart. Good job.

Good piece and a delightfully entertaining entry. I enjoyed this so much. God Bless
This was a good take on the topic. I liked the way you illustrated your message with different Bible characters.