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Compelling and engaging from beginning to end. Good job! I think it should have been "the new couple was" instead of "the new couples were". It was just one couple, right? We need to leave out unnecessary words, like "I was about to close the CAR'S trunk." 'Car's' isn't necessary. Wonderful job, keep writing:)
How faithful God is in all circumstances. I had trouble figuring out whether it was one couple or more than one couple getting married, but it was a very fast paced story.
This is a story filled with suspense. it also helps people like me who live in a sheltered part of the world realize the going ons in other parts and gives me a chance to pray for those people who right at this moment are terrified.
An excellent read! I thought this a fabulous piece of writing. Wonderful!

God bless~
What a compelling story!