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I think this is a terrific take on the topic. When I was thinking of ideas for my own story, the step-family never came into my mind. You did a nice job of spotlighting the two girls' relationship.

Something that would make your story even stronger would be to do more showing. This is a great example of showing: Kates whole body was shaking. This one is more telling: the two girls made it clear that they were not happy
You could show this by describe what they do perhaps one talks loudly behind the other's back or the snipe at each other over little things all while glaring and crinkling their noses.

Your message comes out loud and clear and is a message that everyone needs to hear. Your ending brought the story full-circle and left me with a warm feeling. Nice job on this piece; it was a delightful read.
Oh I enjoyed this so much. Thanks. God bless~
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