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It takes a lot of bravery to share a story like that.
Thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful correlation to Esther.

On a technical note, your entry could use a little punctuation editing and it could be edited to flow a little smoother, but I truly admire your transparency. Keep writing!
This was a very interesting piece. I enjoyed reading it, and it kept my attention. Nice work.

So true, like Esther, God placed you at the right place, and right time to help others. Keep sharing your heart through your writing!

Wing His Words
I'm assuming this is a true story or a story based on truth. I really liked how you subtly tackled the topic in a fresh and creative way. Your beginning was good as it drew me in right away.

I have a little bit of red ink for you. A lot of the story was more telling than showing. This is a concept every writer wrestles with for most of their writing career. How do I paint a picture for my reader? You had this line that is an excellent example of showing: I almost dropped the phone.
Right away, I picture the MC feeling surprised and perhaps a bit nervous.
However this is more telling than showing: I told the lady I needed her to hold so I could look up the necessary information. Most of the AA paperwork in the information binder is organized chaos.
A way to make it showing would be to convert it to actual dialog :"Please hold while I find the information." I scurried to the back filing room. Groaning, I started perusing the chaos. or Flipping through papers in the AA binder, I sighed as I began the hunt for the necessary paperwork.
Now that's not perfect since I did it in just a few minutes but I hope it helps show you the difference between telling and showing.
I did notice some little errors like missing commas and not starting a new paragraph each time someone new speaks. A challenge buddy or crit group might help you catch those things. You can look for someone on the message boards or PM and I'll try to help.

With the red ink out of the way, I want to stress how impressed I am with your honesty. I think you did a nice job of writing on topic. It made me think about how important time is in a recovering alcoholic's life. The time of sobriety can be measured in hours, days, week, months but hopefully years and decades. The message of Esther was a great example. I've read several stories this week but this is the first time I've seen a story built around this verse but it is a perfect fit. You have a lot of passion in your words. Know that God laid this story on your heart for a n important reason. It may be only one or two people or possibly hundreds who will read your words and be touched in ways you'll probably never realize. Keep writing those stories that He places on you, for you're the only one who can tell them and the world needs these gentle reminders.
An interesting Esther story indeed! You have shown some bravery in writing this true life story. It is a nice job.
Wow - an altogether powerful and prolific entry. Thank you so much for sharing.
God bless~
Congratulations on your rating by the judges!

Wing His Words
What an inspiring story! I truly enjoyed reading it! It has such an honest, hopeful, positive, willing-to-serve tone! CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended" ranking! WAY TO WRITE!! :)