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Wow! That was good! A writer you surely are. Don't ever stop your craft. One of the best this week!
It may be fiction - a note that you did not need to include - but it's so true to life. Great dialogue and profile of your MC's emotions, and the kids are so totally believable.
And did you hear about the husband who was in trouble so often that his florist put him on a "frequent flower" program?
Great work
This is a great story. The title made me smile (though it did kind of give away the ending) I think your characters were great. I love how the little girl helped the mom see things with different eyes. Kids can be sooooo good at that. You covered the topic and the story was a delight. (Oh and I know the reason why you wrote at the bottom that it was fiction was because when telling a story in the first person, sometimes people aren't sure if it's true or not so Deb suggested that people mention whether it's fiction or not in a footnote. I'll catch up Noel or as he would say ketchup Noel:) Good storytelling.
I appreciate how real and believable this story is...very well written...God bless you and thanks for sharing...I also appreciated the redemption factor this entry contained...
Loved your story! Very believable characters. I totally agree that you are on your way to being a very gifted writer. I can't wait to read more from you.